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I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change,
I am CHANGING the things I can NO LONGER ACCEPT.


Angela Y. Davis

Our Work

Black Centered Philanthropy

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We believe that Black Centered Philanthropyy is rooted in two basic principles:

1) our responsibility to intentionally and equitably invest financial resources in organizations led by people of color, and


2) to ensure our programs and services center and align with the needs of our communities of color – we should never expect our communities to continuously conform their charitable activities (aka mission creep) to qualify for grant funding. 


Your contribution is essential to advancing the mission and values of AQUME Foundation, and we will equally honor each contribution.


We will support the education of our communities of color via our various scholarship opportunities.


Tell us how your unique endeavor will make an impact on racial equity and the economic advancement of our communities of color?

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P.O. Box 9193
Wyoming, Michigan 49509 USA  |  Tel: 1(616) 826-3380

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